SC56 Credits


“To the man who gave me his heart which made me sing, and gave me the energy and time” – James Tottle 2011.

“To The Space Cadets of the Future, Michael, Joe, Lily, William and Ruby”

“And the Space Cadets of the past… Tim Bowman….etc…..they’re only on the ground because of gravity!”


James and David would like to thank the following people for their help and encouragement in putting together Space Cadet 56 Book One.


Written by James Tottle and David Inker

Edited by James Tottle, David Inker, David Lassman and Tracey Kelly.

Proof reading by James Tottle, David Inker, David Lassman and Carol Tottle, Chris Tottle.


Neil Ryles (Bath Road Studio), Andy Suttie, Jake Borgoyne-Lock, Will Gollege, Tracey Kelly, Geoff Clark, Julian Kay, Steve Edge, Tim Bowman, Jim Tickner, Dave Lewis, Max Weedon, Mark Smithers, Clive Stocker, Ben Bensen, Francis Armstrong

Animation, Sound Effects and Character Voices

Hope Thompson: Tracey Kelly (Voice and Singing)

Bob Bowman: James Tottle

David Booker: James Tottle

Doctor De’ath: James Tottle

Frank Zucchini: James Tottle

Faith Bond: Tracey Kelly

Maria Perreli: Tracey Kelly

Sarita Singh: Tracey Kelly

Maria Vittorio: James Tottle

Taxi Driver: James Tottle

TV Voice over (Computer Crash): David Inker

President Richard D. Norman – Ben Powell

Animation/Lip Synching: James Tottle

Sound Effects: Neil Ryles (Bath Road Studio)


All cartoon illustration by James Tottle.

Additional Graphic Design and Animation Ben Powell (Root Creations) and Neil Ryles (Bath Road Studio).

iPad Application Development

James Tottle, David Inker, Ben Powell (Root Creations), Chris Tottle

Intohand Ltd. Stuart Scott, Kieran Gutteridge, Tom Durrant and Kieran Kelly.


All music recordings © Copyright 1996 – 2012 James Tottle