SC56 Authors

Introducing the authors of the Space Cadet 56 series of books.


James Tottle, (42) is a graduate of Cardiff University with an BSc and MSc in Biological Sciences and an HNC in fine art at City of Bath College. He was born in Bristol but currently lives in Bath.

When James suffered a life threatening heart disease called Dilated Cardio Myopathy (DCM) his life was saved by the great gift of a heart transplant.

Although the operation was successful, the side effects led to the development of bipolar disorder which is now happily under control.

These experiences shaped and inspired the writing of Space Cadet 56, which is set in a St. Luke’s Mind Care Hospital.

James is an animator, cartoonist, and writer. James also sings and writes songs, with guitar and sometimes keyboard; mostly about Space, some about Love and some about God. James has exhibited his cartoon pictures in many locations in the UK, mainly in hospitals.



David Inker (45) had the extreme misfortune of becoming disabled in 1987, after suffering a quadriplegic spinal injury whilst training with the British Army Medical Corps.

After 12 months of rehabilitation David went on to study computer science at Reading University.

He was born in Bristol and lives in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and is now a keen writer, artist, and board game developer and publisher.