SC56 Info

Space Cadet 56: Book One

Space Cadet 56: Book One is an immersive multimedia experience from authors James Tottle and David Inker. It is the flagship animated book brought to life in this anticipated series of Apple iPad apps.

In addition to the thrilling story, Space Cadet 56: Book One has 72 animations with character voices and sound effects, 200 colourful pictures and 7 original rock songs. The Space Cadet 56 Saga is an epic audio/visual odyssey set on a backdrop of ‘Space Age’ mythology. This exciting series of Apps pays homage to the great genres before it; tipping its collective hat to earlier B-movies, Sci-Fi, comics and fantasy novels, whilst reflecting on a time when ‘The Space Race’ was big news on every front page.

Our story is brought forward in time and set in the near future. With the resources on Earth diminishing, Man’s obsession with inhabiting the red planet is greater than ever…



The year is 2042, an inmate known only as Patient 56 finds himself incarcerated in the secure unit of St. Luke’s Mind Care Hospital, New York. Suffering from amnesia and unable to speak, his only way of communicating is through the symbols he draws on the wall with his feet.

The loose bandages and fresh scars from burns on his head and body indicate that he is recovering from a serious and traumatic accident. Patient 56 is kept in a zombified state aided by a daily cocktail of sedatives as prescribed by the uncaring Doctor Booker; it appears his plight is hopeless.

Kindly nurse, Hope Thompson, believes that Patient 56′s seemingly random wall scrawling is a desperate plea for help. She discovers Doctor Booker’s scurrilous plans to test a new experimental treatment on Patient 56, and vows to do all she can to help him recover his lost memory.

Hope makes certain that Patient 56 is a special case under her care and gets him on the road to well-being. Teaming up with the kindly Dr. De’ath, and his cutting edge Hypnotic Modulator Machine (HMM), they begin an amazing journey through the mind of Patient 56. As the layers of 56’s damaged memory are peeled back, they start to piece together his incredible life story and embark on an adventure of discovery that is the Space Cadet 56 Saga.