SC56 Info

Space Cadet 56: Book One is an immersive multimedia experience.
It is the flagship animated book brought to life in this anticipated series of Apple iPad apps.

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World of SC56

Take a look around the SC56 gallery pages to uncover more content. Find sketches, app and fan based artwork, character profiles and samples from the SC56 soundtrack.

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SC56 Store

Here you can find links to purchase the FULL 'SC56: Book One' iPad app.
Also discover links here to download the FREE preview app; both are available in the iTunes store now.

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About Space Cadet 56

The Space Cadet 56 Saga is an epic audio/visual odyssey set on a backdrop of ‘Space Age’ mythology. This exciting series of Apps pays homage to the great genres before it; tipping its collective hat to earlier B-movies, Sci-Fi, comics and fantasy novels, whilst reflecting on a time when ‘The Space Race’ was big news on every front page. Our story is brought forward in time and set in the near future. With the resources on Earth diminishing, Man’s obsession with inhabiting the red planet is greater than ever…

SC56 Blog

Mayday! Mayday!

SC56 Begins | Dilated Cardio Myopathy. “There’s no need to panic!” is both the opening line to the SC56 song “Space Cadet 2” and reminds me of when panic gripped me within the confines of my hospital room.  Mum, and a nurse had to hold my arms down to prevent me from pulling the lines […]